Bike Team


The Bike Team

The date the Suffield Volunteer Ambulance Bike Team was established is unknown, but most guess's put it sometime around 2001. The Bike Team started off with a few volunteer members using their own bikes and backpacks filled with medical supplies working a few local special events each year. The team now has 7 bikes which were purchased by the ambulance fully equipped with the latest equipment available. They are used to work special events both in the town of Suffield and surrounding communities. Items like quick release rear mounted bags to carry medical supplies, side "pannier" bags to hold oxygen and AED's and emergency lights have been added to the bikes to allow responders to do the best job possible.In 2006 the Bike Team was outfitted with new uniforms including the black and yellow shirts they wear today for a unique and "easy to identify" look.

In 2007 the Bike Team logo was created. The “Bike Team Bee” was added to the logo as members were often referred to as "bumble bee's" because of the yellow and black uniforms. The logo is worn on the left sleeve of the uniform as well as baseball caps and other uniform items given to Bike Team members.